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“I had a really awesome experience working with Ellen! She works so fast, asks questions to make sure we’re going in the same direction, and she’s very responsive in chat too! She’s a real talent! We were able to create the graphics that I needed for a web design project, and they’re exactly what my client wants! If you’re looking for a great graphic artist, Ellen is your gal! I highly recommend her and I’d absolutely love to work with her again!”

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Helpful Digital Marketing Strategies I Found on Reddit

Reddit is filled with different genres for all types of people. But did you know they have their own r/Digital Marketing forum? Here is where you can find all sorts of questions and advice on digital marketing strategies for all sorts of businesses (big or small). Below, I’ve collab some helpful digital marketing tips including […]

How to Have a Productive Week for Business Owners

There are days when you dread doing work as a business owner. But it’s ok! We all experience bad days because we’re human. But what if there was a deadline?  When a deadline occurs, you either try to force yourself to do the work or you can outsource it to someone else. But if you […]

Is Outbound Marketing Dead?

Growing up in the 2000s, the internet was still considered a “new thing”. I would come home from school one day, fight with my bro over the television and had to deal with a bunch of commercial breaks in-between my favourite tv shows. And do you remember when we would get print newspapers and newsletters […]